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Weekly Maintenance Tasks • Check door seatings and gaskets of machine cylinder for liquid and vapor leaks. • Check the button trap for lid leaks. Launder the lint bag. • Check seals and gaskets of the refrigerated condenser's diverter valve, distillation unit, filters, filter housings, and muck cooker for liquid and vapor leaks. • Rake out the still of the distillation unit (or daily as needed). • Clean the separator tank of the water separator and perform leak checks. • Measure the exhaust temperature of the refrigerated condenser. • Measure perc in the exhaust system. Perform leak checks on hose and pipe connections, fittings, couplings, and valves.

Monthly Maintenance Tasks • Check the exhaust damper (vented machines) for liquid and vapor leaks. • Check for lint buildup on the heating and condensing coils and refrigerated condenser coils. • Check for leaks in the ductwork of the lint trap and carbon adsorber. • Check for lint buildup on the temperature probe of the lint trap. • Clean the vent of the water separator.

Semi-Annual Maintenance Tasks • Clean the muck cooker's steam and condensation coils. Annual Maintenance Tasks • Clean the heating/condensing and refrigerated condenser coils. Other • Clean and change filters according to the manufacturer's schedule.

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